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Research has shown time and time again, that the single most powerful factor in therapy is the strength of relationship between the client and the therapist.

Sian will help you develop an understanding of yourself and provide you with support to work on the problems you face; facilitating positive change. She will help you see the wood from the tress and enable clarity of mind by reducing any confusion - which in turn enables choice; it’s not about forcing you to take a particular course of action. The building of a trusting relationship with Sian is an important factor in order for you to feel comfortable enough to confide your feelings and emotions.

Sian certainly won’t sit there silently waiting for you to speak, she will however, take an active part in conversation and in the process of recovery and change Sian's background is in fact, within the corporate world of 'Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd' where she worked for many years in a variety of management roles. To some, this might appear far removed from what she does now. However, Sian firmly believes the training, structure and discipline she gained during this time has contributed greatly in her becoming a successful Counsellor. Sian also feels that the exposure in this type of environment has enabled her view of a 'wider' world and not just that of a therapy room.

Sian has gleaned great insight into a vast number of people on both the personal and professional level along with a wealth of contribution from her own life experiences. In the early days of her career Sian quickly realised her strengths lie in dealing with and understanding people, as customers and colleagues alike were drawn to her for coaching, help and advice. This led to Sian taking the decision to completely change direction and pursue a career in Counselling. Over a 8 year period, whilst working full time, Sian undertook a degree in Psychology in order to train to become a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and a CBT Therapist.

In addition to her academic training she also worked on a voluntary basis for 'Victim Support' specialising in supporting victims of domestic violence and serious sexual crime. Again, Sian believes this has given her a rich and valued experience of dealing with people in an honest and straightforward - but empathetic way.