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Sian Jones - Testimonials

After living in constant fear and a state of heightened anxiety for over 15 years which was controlled, only partially, by medication, I decided that the time had come to change. I hated my medication but could not live with the suicidal thoughts which came into my head if I stopped taking it.

I needed a sympathetic, understanding ear but I have a strong character and people do find me to be aggressive. My need was for someone who could see through the blinds I had put up and help me. I was sceptical that after so long, I could receive any effective help.

Oh how wrong I was. Sian is empathic, tolerant and patient. In the early stages of our relationship, I argued with her (often vociferously) every step of the way. She stayed with me. I’m not sure how she has worked her magic because I’m pretty sure that my input was minimal.

For the first time in a very long time, I no longer shudder when the phone rings or hide away in my office ignoring the work piling up on my desk. My temper is improved and I am free from pills and I no longer think about ending my life.

Sian Jones is one of those rare gems who actually make a difference to people’s lives.

Chris - Ashford, Kent

As you know Sian, a friend recommended you to me when I shared with her that I was having a lot of upset with a family issue. Taking up that friend’s recommendation was the scariest but best thing I have ever done for myself. I didn’t realize that the upset I was feeling, was caused by anxiety. I had heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but had no idea what it entailed. Thank you Sian, for sticking with me during those early sessions in my therapy, when I was finding it so difficult to express myself properly and for making the helpful suggestion to record our sessions. That enabled me to really speed up my progress. You showed me such patience and empathy, and with your persistent encouragement you helped me to unravel my muddled brain and rebuild my inner core. In over 20 years of personal development, I’d not managed to achieve that! You have set me up with the tools to continue my journey of self improvement and as a woman in her 50s, I now FEEL LOVE for the first time in my life! It’s amazing! I hadn’t expected that to happen and from the bottom of my heart, I want to publicly thank you!

Cathy - Romney Marsh, Kent

Hello Sian I just wanted to send a note to say that I am so grateful for your help over the past few weeks. As you know my confidence was at zero when I came to you and it has improved greatly with your support help, suggestions and guidance.  I still like knowing you are there though if that's OK?! Thank you!!

Tamsin L - Appledore, Kent

I started seeing Sian about 3 months ago due to a problem I had with anxiety and a lack of confidence. I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done and only wish I had done it years ago rather than suffering in silence. It was such a relief. Even after the first session I began to feel better. The counselling takes place in a lovely warm room which smells really nice and that seemed to help too! Sian is so warm and understanding and she seemed to know exactly how I was feeling. I honestly thought I was the only person to be feeling like I did and that I was going mad or a bit of a freak. Sian reassured me that the feelings I had were really common, especially with the pressures we have nowadays. We talked through, in detail, when my problems first started which enabled me to  understand myself and gave me a reason behind why I might be feeling like I did. Sian asked me 'how I would like to feel by the end of therapy' and this was the goal we worked towards. She explained that we had to know what we were trying to achieve from the outset. Another counsellor I went to  before Sian just sat there and nodded, this actually made me feel worse because I didn't feel like he understood. Sian didn't do that; although she is a fantastic listener she also gave me some practical advice and guidance on how to deal with the physical feelings I had when I felt low and anxious. This was really useful as I felt she was still with me, helping me, even when I wasn't in a session. :) I could waffle on for ages about the merits of  Sian's counselling but I won't. I just to finish by saying I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!! Thank you

Sarah B - Ashford, Kent

My friend suggested that I try counselling after my relationship ended at the same time as I was having problems at work. I was in a very dark and angry place and couldn’t imagine ever changing and controlling the rage I felt inside me. It really scared me. I felt so close to a nervous breakdown. Sian’s approach made me feel like a was like a pressure valve being released, so that each week through talking about how I felt, I found myself again and I learnt why I felt angry and how to relieve it. I cannot thank Sian enough for her patience, simply the best thing I’ve ever done for my own well-being and also for the people around me.

Mr L Holmes - Charing, Kent

Thank you - in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue true happiness. The sessions have made me feel great as I’ve realised that I’ve accomplished a lot with you & for a change I’m proud of myself. I know I’ve got a lot of work left to do but, at last I feel that the  future is bright So in short - thank you.


I went to see Sian because I was absolutely convinced that I was never going to feel happy again. I broke down in tears every day and felt overwhelmed by small setbacks. I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel and that I be would be miserable for the rest of my life. I had never been to see a Councillor before and I cried a lot in the first session but I trusted Sian and felt comfortable with her. By enabling me to accept that I had been affected by certain experiences in my life and it was understandable and OK for me to be feeling this way was a huge relief. Just hearing someone say that and also tell me that I wasn’t necessarily always going to feel this way made me feel happier than I had in years.  I started therapy feeling ashamed, like I’d failed in not being able to cope with my life. Sian made me see that it was ok to talk to a professional and took the stigma away for me. Most of my friends now know I have been for therapy and have been nothing but positive about it.
I couldn't tell you how Sian does what she does. All I know is that she made me feel secure enough to face things I had previously avoided by listening, pushing me when I needed it and guided me. Sian seemed to have a genuine interest in my journey with her. I ended up doing 10 sessions in all and I left feeling calmer, hopeful and happier. I couldn’t ask for more.

Anna - Canterbury, Kent

As time has gone on, I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to cope with life's difficulties and I'm starting to feel happier about my daily life instead of anxiously expecting a negative future. Going back to my childhood to tackle my core beliefs was a major breakthrough for me. I recommend this service to anyone.  I now have the tools to  be able to deal with life much more easily and now believe I can get the most out of my life and the relationships with people who surround me.

Mrs Bella D - Faversham, Kent

Sian was compassionate, insightful, patient and above all, genuine. I would like to thank you Sian for your invaluable support during a difficult time in my life.

Alan Batley-Bowers - Maidstone, Kent

It was such a big step for me to attend counselling about my anxiety,  I had begun to think my problems where just a part of who I was. Sian helped me realise that it was not part of me and that I could improve and start to feel better again. Sian has given me the awareness to identify and adjust my behaviour pattern and helped me take control of my life again. I feel so much calmer now and never believed I could have come this far without Sian’s help and support


I cannot recommend Sian Jones enough. I had tried counselling before but thought it wasn’t for me. I now realise that finding the right counsellor makes all the difference.
I went because I felt I was no longer able to cope and everything in my life seemed to be going wrong and didn't understand why. Sian was very incisive in identifying the issues. My sessions with her have not only helped me gain an understanding of my habits and patterns but also given me the tools to break the bad habits and understand what's important.


"I experienced a major loss of a loved one in June 2012 and although my friends were very understanding and allowed me to talk, I felt that after a period of time, I didn't want to keep bothering them although I still felt a desperate need to discuss it and just couldn't move one. Which is when a family member recommended I went to see Sian Jones. Straight away she was warm, kind and understanding. She didn’t rush me, or push me to talk about anything I didn't feel comfortable with. It felt odd to be talking about myself and sometimes it was difficult but together we worked through things. I didn’t want to be in therapy for a long time, I just wanted to get better and get on with my life. Over the next six weeks Sian and I would meet once a week and we’d talk. After each session I’d feel so much better, stronger and my mind began to clear. I cannot recommend Sian Jones highly enough to you, I feel I owe her so much.”

Mrs D Medhurst - Tenterden, Kent

"All I can say is why didn't I go to counselling years ago? Sian isn't a hippy, she doesn't just nod and not a jostick in sight! I jest; Sian is a very good counsellor"

Mr T H - Folkestone, Kent